How a falling plant almost killed me

Once you come up with a premise, you have to work out how it all happened. It’s a bit like coming up with a spectacular roof design first. Before you can get it up there, you need to build a solid foundation and supporting structure-Linwood Barclay.

We all have those places we want to visit someday.  For me, that place was France, and in particular, Paris.  On my days off from work I would stare at photos of the Seine and of the beautiful old buildings, and I would marvel at the beautiful flowers in window boxes and planters sitting on the narrow windowsills high above the romantic cafes.  I would envision walking down the streets hand in hand with my husband, stopping for croissants and coffee whenever we saw fit.  Little did I know that it was those same romantic flower boxes that would completely change my life back home.

construction of pergola roofing

As it turns out buildings in my very own city have residents that adorn their windowsills with colorful flowers covered with different types of sheets.  The only difference is that I’m used to where I live and I never bother to look skyward.  I honestly had never even noticed they existed until the fateful day that I got hit by one.  In these days, the backyards are constructed with pergola roofing as it add values to our houses and it gives a great look to the garden by protecting the plants from rain, wind and sun. I know there are a million “the sky is falling” jokes here, but they fall a little flat when you consider the impact that a large piece of ceramic would having when hitting a person after it was bumped from a third story window.  It isn’t pretty, in fact, it’s quite deadly.  I found out the hard way of materials that fallen on my head.

It was a Wednesday in the spring and I was taking a walk on my lunch break from work.  There was a small sandwich shop I liked to frequent that was just a few blocks away from my office.  I would usually leave about fifteen minutes before 12:00 so that I could beat the lunch rush and enjoy the walk instead of being jostled by a ton of other people in a rush.  I had walked this same path at least a dozen times before but had never bothered to pay any attention to objects over my head.  Like most people I tend to focus on the sidewalk ahead of me instead of the sky above me.

This day I probably should have looked up but had no reason to worry.  Walking along thinking about what sandwich I might like to order I heard a sudden scream and then a shock of sudden pain as something struck me in the head.  I heard the shattering moments before I fell to the ground unconscious.  I wish I could recount the rest of what happened but I remained unconscious until I was at the hospital.  I have no way of knowing who called the ambulance or how long it took for them to arrive.  I do know that I would spend the next three days in a hospital bed with the most intense headache I’d ever felt in my life.

Once the head pain was under control I was permitted to leave the hospital but had to wear a neck brace for the next month and had to attend regular weekly doctors’ appointments until they had decided that I was completely healed.  Ever since that day I still suffer from random severe headaches but they’re nothing compared to what I experienced while still in the hospital.

The woman whose plant hit me felt immensely guilty and offered to cover my hospital bills which had racked up steadily and were quite hefty.  I know she didn’t mean to bump the planter but it was nice that she was willing to try and help my family and me out with the expensive bills.  During this time we just wanted to focus on my health and getting me back to normal so we took her up on her offer.

I know have an intense fear of anything above my head.  While I might have been someone that looked at the sidewalk before, I am now someone that is constantly looking overhead.  If there’s anything up high I will walk towards the outer side of the sidewalk just in case.  I know the chances of being hit again are next to zero but I worry about taking the chance.  The first time was enough suffering for a lifetime and I don’t think I need to tempt fate.

While everything that happened to me may have been absolutely disastrous and life changing, it has also helped me realize just how fleeting life can be.  I think back now to all of my time spent dreaming about all of the places I wanted to visit someday.  What was I waiting for?  When was “someday” going to come?  The plant falling from the windowsill pushed me into action.  I learned that day that we never know what life is going to deal us and we have to take each day by the hand and make our dreams happen.

Finally,I visited my dream place


As soon as I was healthy again my family and I booked my dream trip to France.  While the window boxes I once found beautiful and enchanting were now considered frightening and a deathtrap, I did fall in love with the rest of Paris.  I was careful to avoid the beautiful flowers hoisted over my head but I could still gaze at the Seine from the numerous bridges, and I could sit inside Notre Dame and gaze at the glowing crystal chandeliers, and I enjoyed the croissants and coffee from the cafes that I’d always dreamed about.

I think back now and I wonder if the accident hadn’t happened would I have ever traveled.  Would I have just let my dreams slip away?  Despite the fact that my husband and I had plenty of money to travel we never booked any plane tickets.  Instead we sat at home and looked at pictures of others trips and discussed how nice they were.  It’s a shame that a tragedy had to happen to spur us into action but sometimes that’s just what you need.  If I hadn’t been hit by a planter I would still be sitting in my office at work dreaming of a someday that would never have come.

Stop Before it’s Too Late: Earth vs. Pollution

The earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system and is the only place where there is likelihood to continue. Our earth is aged 4.5 billion years and due to pollution, is at risk. Firstly, we are polluting the earth by polluting the ground, atmosphere, lakes, oceans, and rivers. Pollution not only affects life on the planet, but can also affect the lives of plants and animals for generations to come. If action is not taken and pollution is not controlled, this can lead to a point where human life on the planet may not be possible.

Pollution Destroys

The world we currently live in is affected severely by pollution and this includes many areas including seas, rivers, air, land and even the things we eat, drink, and breathe in. This is not good for the health and wellbeing and is also destroying Earth. If we allow pollution to carry on, not only will this have more dangerous impacts on the earth, but will also destroy lives. Instead of leaving things how they are and ignoring pollution, it’s time we took action.

Reducing Pollution

Completely eradicating pollution is somewhat impossible, but it is best everyone tries their best to keep it to minimum. There are a variety of things that can be done to decrease pollution, carry on reading and discover these below!

  • Everyone needs to be careful about their rubbish and not dump it anywhere and everywhere. Throwing rubbish anywhere is what the majority does, which explains the piles of waste in ditches, road sides, drains, main roads, and back lanes. Get some solar panels from som reputed companies if you are really environment savvy. Euro solar has a wide range of reviews online. One just needs to look.The rubbish that is mainly thrown like this includes empty bottles, cans, plastic bags, sweet wrappers, broken equipment, damaged TVs, dead animals, food, broken computers, spoiled kitchen sinks, and old cars. All these are mainly what are found in rubbish dumps, but why? All these items can easily be recycled and materials such as plastics, metals, and glass can even be re-used.
  • Only cooking food that’s necessary also helps because if there’s just enough, you will not be throwing any away.
  • Cars and sinks could be kept in a good working order and should not be abused, like they are being at the moment.

If all these things were done, life would be much easier and there would be far less rubbish to throw (which should actually be disposed). Due to this, there would also be fewer pollution and less rubbish dumps.There are organizations our there that do the same thing for an example this wikipedia page.

Major Causes of Pollution

A major cause of pollution is motor vehicles, mainly because they emit so much exhaust fumes. Bigger cities suffer more from this kind of pollution so much that it has even reached to the level where it is a threat to the city and its people. Many residents in such cities are already wearing gas masks when they go out on the street. However, this pollution can be reduced by decreasing the amount of vehicles on the road. Even though it’s easy to say this, it is a little difficult to do as there is not a large number of people who will willingly sacrifice the convenience of their transport.

Industrial Plants and Factories

Both factories and industrial plants are also major causes of polluting the water, land, and air. The waste they let out into the land and rivers affects both and the smoke they emit pollutes the air. Such industrial estates should find ways on how to decrease their waste.

The Bottom Line

In the fight of earth and pollution, it looks like pollution is winning majorly, which is why it is time we took action and saved our planet. Pollution does not happen by itself, which is why it is significant the major cause is noted and the problem is solved from its roots. Now that we know it is no one other than us responsible, it’s time we changed our ways and did something about the whole pollution business and saved our earth. When there are certain facilities for taking in waste and looking after old equipment, then why do something that does nothing else, but puts a negative effect on us and our children. The negative effect here is the illnesses pollution causes, the disinfected air that we breathe in – again because of pollution and the dirty environment we live in and let our children play in.  Hopefully all these reasons plus the above will help us to stop, think, and act for the next time we think about disposing waste merely on the path.